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What happened to the Tastemade City app?

Why do the Tastemade City web pages redirect to Facet?

We have brought together the communities of Tastemade City and Facet to create one great place for food and travel lovers. If you created a Tastemade City account prior to July 2015, your profile page will redirect to

Will the Tastemade City iOs app continue to work after April 15th, 2016?

No. After that time, all existing Tastemade City users we will be upgraded to our new food and travel app, Facet.

After April 15th, can I still use my existing iPhone app to upload new videos?

No, after April 15th, all iPhone users will be redirected to download Facet. After that time, you won’t be able to upload new Tastemade City videos. If you have any footage you haven’t uploaded yet, please do so before April 15th.

Where did the Tastemade City Android app go?

The Tastemade City Android app has been removed from the Google Play store because we are no longer developing new versions of it. If you would like to watch Tastemade’s food and travel shows please download the new Tastemade Android app now available in the Google Play Store.

I have an Android phone and am an active user of Tastemade City. Will I still have access to it?

After April 15th, the Tastemade City app will no longer be supported for Android or iOS.

When will Facet be available for Android?

We don’t currently have a timeline for an Android app version of Facet at this time. But it’s available on the mobile web on Android. Download the new Tastemade Android app to watch Tastemade’s food and travel shows.

Can I use my Tastemade City username to log into Facet?

Yes, you can use your Tastemade City login credentials (email and password) to access Facet, as long as your Tastemade City account was created prior to July 2015.

What if I want to create a new account on facet instead?

You can choose to create a new account as long as the username is available.

Can I download my Tastemade City videos?

If you’d like access to your Tastemade City video library, email the request to

Will they be in the original format?

Yes, they will be in the same format as when you uploaded them.

Do embedded videos on websites and blog still work?

As of April 15th, the embeds will no longer work. Please contact for information on how to upload videos directly to your blogging platform or how to embed videos using YouTube or Vimeo.

Can I still share my Tastemade City videos to social media through the app?

We no longer support social media sharing for Tastemade City videos through the app. However, we are developing more social sharing features for Facet videos.

Why do my Tastemade City videos on look different?

Because of the difference in orientation between Tastemade City (landscape) and Facet (portrait), your videos look different because they were converted for the Facet platform.

Why aren’t all of my videos on Facet?

We were unable to convert all original Tastemade City videos into the Facet format. The ones you see in your Facet profile were the ones that were successfully converted.