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I'm subscribed already via Apple TV and I would like to access premium content on the web.

This process works differently, depending on which model of Apple TV you own.

How can I tell which Apple TV model I own?

Apple TV (3rd gen)
This model comes with a small silver remote and there is no way to add apps to it.

Latest Apple TV (4th gen)
This model comes with a remote that has a trackpad on the top part, and has access to Apple's app store.

Apple TV (3rd gen) route

While purchasing your subscription through your Apple TV, you will need to:

  1. Register or sign in on
  2. After you registered or signed in, go to
  3. Purchase the subscription through your Apple TV, and enter the activation code shown your TV on the page.

Apple TV (4th gen) route

  1. Create an account on It is very important that you use the same email address associated with your iTunes account.
  2. On your Apple TV, to go the Tastemade app.
  3. In the Tastemade app, go to Settings > Activate Device. This should display a code on the screen.
  4. On the computer, go to Enter the code shown on the TV screen, then click on the Activate button.
  5. On your TV, click on the Activate button at the bottom of the screen.